Dissolving a family is hard.  It is a drain on emotions, finances, and time. Mediation allows you a voice in your outcome. Allgood Mediation facilitates your engagement in the confidential mediation process, on your schedule, from the comfort of your computer.


Melissa Peters Allgood is a licensed Texas family lawyer and mediator with more than 10 years’ experience helping families work through tough issues.  She has successfully mediated hundreds of matters, helping parties resolve their issues without Court involvement. Utilizing videoconferencing at a time convenient for your schedule, we will help your family come up with creative solutions to your challenges and work out all the details necessary for you to move forward with your lives.


Benefits of Online Mediation


  • We will mediate via videoconference on your schedule, without taking unnecessary time away from your work and life.

  • Convenient evening and weekend hours available.

  • Transparent hourly rates and convenient online payment portal.


  • Videoconference sessions will help you identify all decisions to be made and allow for collaborative, creative solutions.

  • Your voice, not that of the Court, will be heard in deciding your outcome.


  • Divorce and custody disputes can be incredibly expensive, our process is transparent with straight-forward hourly rates.

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